Student Life


The final year of High school causes lack of motivation among the seniors at the Leonia High School. The inability to do further work is defined as Senioritis and is shown by many seniors in the school. Senioritis has become very common due to the stress caused by excessive amounts of work. Major assignments like the research paper and tests contribute to the overwhelming stress the seniors endure. Many seniors have already find a way to reduce the stress of senioritis. The awaiting summer provide motivation for seniors to finish the year strong.
Jeremy Vasquez, a senior at the Leonia High School shares his experience with overcoming senioritis. He says “It’s my final year in High School so i’m not gonna stress over it, i’m gonna have fun. Like Jeremy many seniors are prioritizing having fun their final year rather than stressing over it. I agree with my fellow senior and have prioritized myself in making the last year of high school as fun as possible. Although students like Jeremy and I have made having fun a priority we still wish to finish the school year strong.