March Madness

The NCAA has created a competition as thrilling and exciting as the NBA playoffs. If you like basketball then you will love March Madness. Just the name itself says it all. March Madness is known for its hype and shocking upsets. March Madness will have viewers yelling at the top of their lungs from excitement. From the close games to the half court buzzer beating game winners, watching these 64 college teams compete is a incredible yearly activity. The choice is yours, between rooting for one team and following their adventure through the tournament or watching every game and picking your favorite. Whether your team is the number one seed or the underdogs, anyone can find a way to enjoy March madness.

The main focus of this event is watching the favored stars of Duke lineup, including RJ Barrett and basketball prodigy Zion Williamson, who many believe are ready to be all- stars in the NBA. His inhuman athletic ability and explosive game play is what gets fans out of their seats on the daily. His action packed team, coached by one of the greatest of all time, Mike Krzyzewski. With this team of Blue Devils, from their players to their staff, what is there not to love about this college’s basketball team. Many believe they will make it to the final four and even win it all.

All in all, no matter who you are or where you come from during the month of March, one of the most exciting things you can do is sit down, relax and watch some thrilling March Madness.