Student Life

The Ultimate Guide to Junior Year

At some point during junior year, you will look in the mirror and realize that you’re growing up. There is a future to think about. College? That hardest year of your high school experience, that everyone warned you about, is here. 

While having 2 tests and 3 quizzes per week, it is common to ask: How will I get this all done on time and go to sleep at a reasonable time? Assignments must be completed before that 11:59 deadline everyone stresses over. What do you do? Well honestly, the ‘key’ to junior year really is time management. The minute you get home, or have a 15 minute break, start an assignment. By starting assignments during lunch, extra time in class, or any free time you have,  your stress will be relieved. Procrastination is every teenager’s best friend; get out of that habit. 

It is now time to think about what you want to do with your life. What career path do you want to follow? Do you even want to attend college? These questions are constantly in the back of your mind but now it is time to get serious. Meeting with your guidance counselor can help you in great ways. Picking out classes that interest you but also reveal your personality will lead you to being more successful in a class.  Leonia High School Junior, Alidz Karakachian reveals, “Selecting classes I genuinely enjoy and relate to what I want to do in college definitely improved my grades. I am not forced to learn about subjects I have little interest in,”(Karakachian). Alidz plans on becoming an orthodontist in the next 10 years and staying on track with the biomedical classes Leonia offers gets her an early introduction to what her college years will be like. 

It is hard to take time away from school work we have, but it is crucial to living a well balanced life. Watching a movie or just sleeping in over the weekend is still something we all need to do. If you are disciplined with yourself and are able to complete your work earlier in the day- not procrastinating, you will see improvements. Studying little by little each day can help you on a test; being absent on your test day will not make it disappear. If you are ever questioning yourself during the year, don’t worry, you are not alone. You are the only person to make your year successful and I am very confident that you will through these tips.