Student Life

Mole Day at Leonia High School

On October 23rd, 2022, the Leonia Science Academy students hosted Mole Day during zero period before homeroom.

But what is a MOLE?

A mole is a unit of measurement in chemistry. There are 602,252,000,000,000,000,000,000 units in a mole, an important number for chemist and Leonia STEM students alike. This very large number also known as Avogadro’s number, and is used for extremely small numbers such as atoms, molecules, and other particles. On Friday, Science Academy students all came together to celebrate this very large number. Mole day, which is on October 23, was cheerfully recognized on Friday by the freshmen and sophomore students. To celebrate, students early in the morning prepared balloons, temporary tattoos for the incoming students, and posters. 

In my opinion,  people made Mole Day a bigger deal than it seems, but my first Mole Day was super fun hanging out with my friends. Each Freshmen received their own balloons and handmade cupcakes made by two STEM students, Josef Kim and Chiara Dacosta. The sophomores prepared the Mole Day balloons and the temporary tattoos. Both freshmen and sophomores made Mole Day posters that you could see all over the walls of Leonia High School.  

Angel Gomerez, a freshman at Leonia High School, said that Mole Day was “not very fun because I keep getting hit with bad puns while being surrounded by a bunch of STEM kids”. 

Although Mole Day was fun for STEM students,  Leonia High School students while entering for school were exposed to really terrible mole day puns for other students. While the STEM students may have found it funny, it did not transfer the same with the other students. 

“Mole Day kinda left a mess towards the whole school ‘cause there were balloons everywhere, and there was trash everywhere” Valentina Colacurto, another Freshmen comments. 

Along with the trash, the Freshmen of the STEM Academy also received their new lab coats. For me personally, receiving my lab coats was very exciting. The lab coats are especially important to the Leonia STEM students because as they make their way through high school, their lab coats follow as well. 

Even through the trash and the puns, Mole Day at Leonia was overall very fun!