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Where are My Funyuns?

Vending machine management services are extremely important, especially for Leonia High School students. Our school provides four well-equipped vending machines selling snacks, energy bars, energy drinks, and water. The vending machine is a vital consumer service Leonia High School use on a daily basis to buy themselves a quick snack or drink. Recently, our vending machines have not been properly organized–many popular products bought from the vending machines such as Gatorade, Funyuns, and Poland Springs Water have quickly been run out. Thus these un-stocked vending machines causes problems for consumers.

I interviewed Marta Lystvak, a student at Leonia high school on this issue, “Last week, I was hoping on buying myself water, but they ran out. I immediately assumed that they would eventually restock the vending machine by next week, but they didn’t.” 

One of the most frustrating things about buying from the vending machines is getting stuck with sub-par products. As senior Kaustubh Shankar laments, “I was hoping to buy myself a bag of funyuns during my free period, when I got it there were only two funyuns in the bag. I was very unhappy.”

It’s a rough life when you don’t have instant access to everything you want. Perhaps in the future the school can look into Smart Vending machines, which would be resupplied by drone whenever stock is running low.