Student Life

Snow Days in March


Everyone knows and loves the moment when the phone rings to notify the public that schools will be closed because of snow. Snow days are one of the few beautiful things about this freezing and ugly time of year. Who doesn’t enjoy an unexpected day off in the middle of the week?

Unfortunately, too many snow days could turn out to have an outcome that none of us saw coming. Since every school is required to have 180 school days before graduation, rumors swirled around that we would have extra days of school at the end of the year. So far we have had four snow days, and four full days of school have been lost. However, they have all been excused. Surprisingly, half of our snow days occurred in March, which only exemplifies how crazy the weather can be.

Students at Leonia High school all have different opinions about the snow days. “I think it’s worth it to have the snow days. Even if we have more school days towards the end of the year, it’s worth it to get an unexpected break in the dead of winter”, stated Gianna Pernetti, a senior at Leonia High school. Others do not necessarily agree. Annabelle Cruickshank, who is also a senior at Leonia High school stated, “I’m sick of these snow days. I know the board of education is going to add days to the end of the year, or take off days from our spring break and it aggravates me. Snow days are pointless, because you can’t go anywhere anyway since the roads are icy.”

Lucky for Annabelle and the other students at Leonia High school, the 4 snow days that we have had will not make a difference in the school year. Ms. Millar, a teacher at Leonia High school relayed to her print media class that no extra days will be added to the year. “The snow days have been forgiven!” stated Ms. Millar. What a relief! It seems Leonia High school has come out on top this year, as we have enjoyed 4 beautiful snow days with no punishment. Hopefully there won’t be any more snow days, or things could change for the worse.