Should Graffiti be Considered Art or Vandalism?

Yes, street graffiti should be considered art, because it requires a high amount of skill. It can look stunning when it’s done in the right places. It allows people to express themselves in different ways. This is why street graffiti should be considered an art and be accepted by many more people as an Hobby. Udar, a Sophomore at another school who is an extremely skilled Graffiti artist says that “Graffiti art isn’t a hobby, it’s a lifestyle.” He is extremely skilled at Graffiti and has made many art pieces

Street graffiti requires a lot of skill. It requires hours and hours of hard work. Creating graffiti art is a painstaking process that can be ruined with one mistake. It ranges from written words to whole paintings. Most people, however, only see them as disturbances because it cuts their businesses and is simply not considered art by them. They are right as if it is not done in the appropriate places, but that still doesn’t change the required skill. If it is done in the appropriate places, it can look stunning.

Street Graffiti is also something that allows people to express themselves creatively. Many famous artists have also used graffiti. Some artists include Shepard Fairey. Another student, this time, a Junior who preferred to be unnamed stated that “Graffiti is all about Vibrancy, it makes places look better and inviting with its colors. This is why I believe it should be considered art; something that portrays vibrance and can be used to portray oneself cannot possibly be vandalism. “

Economically, it can also encourage both residents and tourists. Many tourists and residents also see it as vibrant, making them visit new places and spend money on things. This makes street graffiti also benefit the city. It helps the city raise a lot of money, creating more for the city itself. It is also a great outlet for students to be creative and people even pay for people to do Graffiti art on their businesses. This shows that the pros for Graffiti art greatly outnumbered the cons.


Street graffiti should be considered art because it requires a high amount of skill. It runs when done in the right places and can help the places it’s done in. Many people see graffiti art as something vibrant so tourists and others will flock to places with them. The truth is, street graffiti is art because of the skill, the environment it can help and how it allows people to express themselves.