Generation War

What some people might not realize is that everyone has an overall relation to others around their age. All of the people born and raised around the same time are part of the same generation. Mannerisms, interests, experiences, and struggles are all things that could possibly embody a generation. With these characteristics, stereotypes are created for each generation, and although not all are extremely precise they give a broad description of new and old generations. There are currently six living generations in the United States to this day.


G.I. Generation

  • Born 1901-1926

The G.I. Generation, also known as the great generation was hardworking, dedicated, and involved. They worked through tough times like The Great Depression, and fought many battle in WWII. They were able to save the world and then build the nation back up.They were strongly interest in personal morality and near-absolute standards of right and wrong. This generation is strong and dedicated to everything they put their minds to.


Silent Generation

  • Born 1927-1945

The Silent generation was set on following one major trend, conformity. Korean and Vietnamese war veterans were mainly in this generation and the effects of the war showed greatly. Women’s jobs consisted of raising their children and keeping up with chores, but sometimes had jobs as teachers, secretaries, or nurses. The great discipline portrayed through this generation’s actions caused them to be known as a quiet group with little to no disturbances.   


Baby Boomers

  • Born 1946-1964

One of the largest generations in history, the “Baby Boomer’s” consisted of about 77 million people. At this time, women began working more outside jobs aside from their “domestic duties” of raising the children. Also homosexuality and divorce, two things once so taboo began to be seen as more accepted. This generation was the first generation introduced to the Television, sparking a wide range of innovative ideas in the technological field.





Generation X

  • Born 1965-1980

Generation X is a group of people that are very individualistic and entrepreneurial. Their parents often divorced or career driven, they often feel misunderstood and as if they are not even a generation. The desire to learn and explore was very great in this particular generation as they would change career paths an average of 7 times in their life.


Generation Y/ Millennial

  • Born 1981-2000

Millennials are often known as the members of a generation where everyone was told that they are special and that the world should treat them as such. Holding strong opinions due to their access to information on the internet, this generation does not know a time without computers. As a result, the technology at their disposal creates a large amount of academic pressure. They prefer a relaxed work environment that praises them for being “special” as they were taught they were since a young age.  


Generation Z/ Boomlets

  • Born after 2001

This generation is by far the most technologically advanced. They have never known a time without computers and cellphones. Most even have their own cellphone and TV in their rooms even at many of their young ages. They are tired of hearing about how they have to save the planet which is called “Eco-fatigue”. Still at a young age, this generation is going to have mainly web based learning because of their accessibility to those resources.