What a Freshman wants for his Senior year

As a freshman currently attending Leonia High School, I’m intrigued on what my senior year will be like. An example of this is the schedule I would have, progress on sports, and the amount of free periods I would have. A big thing I associate with my senior year is the inevitable development of senoritas. So with all these factors you will find out my preferred senior year schedule.

My preferred schedule would be periods 1-4 free at least. Period 5 would be some form of psychology, period 6- English, period 7-TA for Journalism, period 8 another free and if that’s not possible art class. Main reason why I want this schedule is because the main thing I would choose to do in English is because it’s an easier subject for me to do.

I hope that in sports I’m able to consistently make Varsity for soccer. I hope to be able to run long distance in Track. Other than that my goals for sports are very vague and don’t go beyond trying out.  

With my preferred schedule having my free periods in the morning the main thing I would use them for is to sleep more, and be able to take full advantage of the time for my morning routine. Especially in the eating breakfast portion, since most of the time my breakfast consists of water and a granola bar, so extra time would be helpful with getting better breakfasts.

That was the perspective of a current freshman in Leonia High School. Along with the schedule I would prefer to have, my goals on progress on sports, and the amount of free periods I would have; and what I would use them for.