Student Life

Welcome to the Pride!

Leonia High School welcomes sixteen new teachers this school year. From English, to Math, Engineering, and even Art, the high school is exploding with excitement in welcoming our newest members to the pride.

“The engagements and communications have been incredible so far,”says Mr. Morrissey, one of the newest English teachers. Mr. Morrissey went on to observe, “Leonia High School exhibits a great academic culture and support coming from both teachers to students and students to teachers.” 

Mr. Vanderteems, a new math teacher, said, “This school has a great sense of community, where teachers know students and are able to provide equal attention to everyone individually.”

One new teacher is already familiar with the high school. “I actually graduated from Leonia High School, so I decided to come back here to teach,” mentions Ms. Aggarwal, our new engineering teacher.

A few teachers find the rotating block schedule confusing, but are slowly adapting. However, the block schedule does have a few perks, as most new teachers said they enjoyed having different classes (or different sets of classes) every day. 

The excitement is through the roof as we welcome the newest teachers to the pack. Whether it is for commute purposes, students, sports culture, or the district’s sense of community, we hope that all the staff at Leonia High School- new and old- feel welcome and respected. Because after all, the lion pride always sticks together- through thick and thin.

Even after returning to high school from what felt like an eternity, the newest staff members are doing an incredible job in developing a sense of positivity in their new classrooms. After all, the classroom is more than just a physical space, it is an integral part of student life.