Hurricane Ian

According to an article from The Associated Press, Florida, North Carolina, and Cuba have faced major hits from Hurricane Ian. Hurricane Ian tore through central Florida and created a trail of destruction. Many coastal areas were harshly hit, however many rural areas were not hit as hard. In the affected areas, many lose their cell phone services and ability to get basic necessities. In North Carolina, power lines and trees have been downed due to the harsh winds. These caused about two to four deaths in the state from storm-related vehicle crashes.  Rescue efforts are being carried out, about 1,600 people have been rescued. Starting June, these countries have been sending out warnings for people to evacuate, however there is a percentage that did not carry out these warnings.

“I am concerned about their well being and health. But my family has been recovering” says Angel Gomerez.

Although Hurricane Ian may be the least of people’s problems as it might seem distant, however, many family members of Leonia High School students are being directly hit as Hurricane Ian makes it move. Angel Gomerez, a freshman, who is attending Leonia High, his family in the Dominican Republic is currently facing the effects of Hurricane Ian. Many are concerned for their well being and safety. People of Leonia High School voices their distress that people who are not being affected donate clothing, money, and anything that could help. As for myself, my distant family are located near the affected areas and I am concerned for their well being. Especially the news constantly reminding people of Hurricane Ian and causing concern, it became even more stressful. To those who are being affected by the hurricane, people of Leonia High School should give their full support and help.