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Leonia Fashion Strikes Again!

Leonia Fashion Strikes Again!

Fashion is a vital part of every teenager’s identity. It defines who they are as people, how they choose to present themselves, and how they want others to perceive them. At Leonia High School, certain trends and styles are constantly coming in and going out. There seems to be a new fashion trend every month. From flare jeans and tank tops, converse and cargo pants, I’ve interviewed 4 students to get their opinions on Leonia’s back to school fashion trends. 

When asked what fashion piece or style is their favorite at school this year, sophomores Narene Simuel and Maile both agree that baggy pants and layered jewelry are their favorites this year. Narene and junior Brielle also favor Doc Martens. When asked what fashion trend happening right now is their least favorite, Brielle and junior Isa Batista responded with uggs and the entirety of the Nike brand while Narene responded with Yeezy’s and bubble shoes. 

All four interviewees were asked which fashion trend they think is going to make a comeback, and they all responded with 70’s-90’s fashion. This includes Doc Martens, crop tops, sagging pants, cargos, flare jeans, platforms, high waisted jeans, etc. These have all been slowly coming back over the past few years. Therefore, you never know what else is going to come back into the fashion scene.

  When asked which fashion trend from years prior they hope will never return, Narene responded with bucket hats while Isa responded with birkenstocks. At Leonia High School, fashion trends go in style and out of style often, but when asked the question of which fashion trend happening right now they think will last, Isa and Brielle both responded with baggy jeans, while Maile and Narene responded with flare pants and layered jewelry. Although the opinions of four students don’t define fashion in itself, they are definitely relevant. Who knows what fashion at Leonia High School will look like once we hit June?throughout the year!