Student Life

The College Perspective

Nearing the end of October means that most seniors are struggling to finish countless college supplements and submit their application by the November 1st early action deadline. This process is beyond stressful, especially because not knowing where they will end up next year, or how they will pay for it, makes this process more difficult. Low acceptance rates coupled with high prices leaves students lost. Before students even begin the application process, they must decide where would best fit them– perhaps a small liberal arts school or a large school with a lot of school spirit. With nothing more than counselors and campus visits to guide them in the right direction, most students worry they will go through this entire process only to hate the school they get into. Thus, who better to help guide these students than those already in college.

I asked two college students–a freshman at Wesleyan University and a sophomore at George Washington University what they thought incoming college students should know during this process and what they with they knew about college. When asked, Gabby King, a freshman at Wesleyan University cited, “I wish I knew how expensive everything would be!” Most students comprehend the incredibly high price of college tuition but fail to remember the cost of living. It is imperative that students get a summer job or plan to work in college. Extra money is extremely useful when you want to go out with friends or need to pay for more school supplies. Bryce Robins, who attends George Washington University, said that college is all about personal responsibility and that you can make the experience your own. While one student may opt to go out with friends, another may choose to study for an upcoming test–and that is acceptable as long as you know how to manage your time and be responsible. Ultimately, the best thing to do when you are nervous about making the right college decision is to ask college students themselves!