Melania Trump Stop Bullying

Melania Trump is doing her first outing as being first lady. She chose to try to stop bullying. She went to a middle school to talk to kids about the situation. She went to metro Detroit middle school . Mrs.Trump went to go promote #NoOneEatsAlone. She’s trying to encourages kids speak up for themselves and build their self esteem up  .

“By our own example we must teach children to be good stewards of the world they will inherit,” Melania Trump said this quote at her speech, she has a point about this. Children may bully because of their household or because their parents may say things to each other and they think it’s okay to say it to other people. But after her speech she’s been getting hate about it because her her husband is a bully too but she won’t talk to her husband about this situation. The comments she is getting is “Melania’s speech at the UN has to be a joke. HAS TO BE! She CANNOT be serious. Melanie, go home and give this speech to your HUSBAND!!!”  — Charles M. Blow had said on Twitter. Another person said “Melania Trump’s United Nations speech preached about setting an example for our children and preventing bullying… Start with your husband.” — Ahmed Baba.  She needs to talk to her husband first and get this all fixed!!!

Alysa Droz

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