The Great Debate – Sandwich Edition

In 1762, an exquisite culinary dish we all know and love came to be: the sandwich. Invented in England, historians have dubbed John Montagu, a problematic gambler and also known as the 4th Earl of Sandwich, the inventor, although it’s not actually clear who came up with the idea. Imagine if a bunch of people had the idea for a group project but one person took all the credit for coming up with it.

The sandwich has evolved in many ways along with society, but every sandwich always has basic ingredients that are necessary. These ingredients include bread, meat, cheese, a vegetable and or fruit, and sauce. Throughout time, a plethora of variations for sandwiches have come to be, with different types of meat, cheese, fruits and vegetables, sauces, seasonings, and even bread being used.

Print Media and English teacher Ms. Millar was asked what her go to sandwich was. She responded with taylor ham, eggs, and cheese on a toasted plain bagel, seasoned with salt and pepper, and using ketchup as the sauce. Others like Katerina Romanides prefer basic options like a toasted ham and cheese sandwich. There are also those who like more sophisticated edible arrangements. Junior Bella Tarabola explained that her sandwich is very complex, with ingredients such as ciabatta bread, pesto, roasted red peppers, mozzarella cheese, and breaded chicken breast.

Overall, the sandwich is a culinary delight of much variety and a rich history throughout time. It’s a simple yet beloved and world renowned dish with the influence of many cultures. From basic options to sophisticated meals, the sandwich is an amazing dish that everyone enjoys.