Student Life

Limes in the Light- Winter Edition

         The Leonia Limelighters are back for another season of productions. This winter, the fall play is “She Kills Monsters” by Qui Nguyen. The story follows Agnes Evans, an average teenager, who is faced with the death of her younger sister Tilly Evans. When she discovers Tilly’s Dungeons and Dragons playbook, she joins a group of other players and goes on a journey to rediscover her sister’s life in the imaginary world she was a part of. 

         The actors in this show are ecstatic for opening night. With it being close, there are certain things that need to be given more attention. For instance, the stage crew is working extremely hard to paint the stage and create all of the on-stage props. Junior president Leia Josette DeMarco LaBarbiera says, “The Limelighters were faced with a change in direction earlier this year- as our director Seth Feldman, of the past six years, has stepped down. However, both cast/crew and our new directors Ms. Seavers and Ms. Macaluso have been more than willing to adjust. The whole club has been working extremely hard in putting this show together, in spite of Seth’s leaving.” 

        Another Limelighters actor says, “I am extremely excited to open this show! I hope that everyone enjoys it, and people can connect with this story on a deeper level.” 

        The show dates are this December eighth, ninth, and tenth. All of the cast and crew would be overjoyed for people to come support the arts. Live theater has been slowly coming back, and this show is a great entrance to this year’s Leonia Limelighters 2022-2023 season.