Google Introduces Objectivity to Messy Campaign

When you search on Google ‘what Hillary Clinton stands for’ or ‘what Donald Trump stands for’ you are given a drop down menu of issues talked about, and the opinions of candidates. A few examples that Google gave were each candidate’s opinion on the following topics: Immigration, Abortion, Guns, Foreign policy, Taxes, Gay marriage, Health care, Economy and jobs, Civil Liberties, Crime and safety, Environment, Education, Budget and spending, National security, Medicare and Social Security, Veterans, and Energy.

These are all of the topics that google has found to be the most popular among American citizens. A potential reason as to why this large company has been doing this could be to help the younger, more malleable population understand what each candidate wants to do for the country rather than read uninformed tweets and opinion-based posts on instagram. Although the minds of many people will not be swayed by Google’s attempt to provide objective information, at least the attempt has been made.

The vote, as always, is in the hands of those who show up to support democracy. While this election has clearly brought up hot-button issues, there is no real reason for people to remain uninformed and biased since the information is readily available if you bother looking. Hopefully, an informed electorate will vote based on fact, not hashtags.