Student Life

2024 Spring Fling

Leonia High School is hosting their Spring Fling on March 28, 2024. The doors open at 7:00 pm sharp on Thursday, the last day before a short Easter Break. Tickets that are purchased beforehand are $15, however, if they are purchased at the door they are $20. This year’s theme for the Spring Fling is Hawaiian, which is very different from Homecoming. The Leonia High School Student Council organized the dance for the students and have worked hard to make this event as memorable and successful as possible.

The 2024 Spring Fling is the last Leonia High School dance seniors graduating this year will attend before prom. When asked how she felt about this, senior Nour Karakus stated, “I feel sad because I made a bunch of friends in high school and this being our last dance together makes me feel like we are breaking apart.” This is a very emotional time for many seniors knowing that they might all go their separate ways after graduation. 

Senior Victoria Velasquez states that she expects the dance to be “something very chill where people can go and hang out.” Additionally, when asked if she thinks the dance will be successful, she notes, “They’re being more considerate of what the students want this year so I feel like they won’t make it bad.” It is important for the Spring Fling to be a relaxing and enjoyable event for everyone involved.

The Student Council has decided to pick an interesting theme for the dance this year. Sidney Nam, a senior who is part of the Student Council, reported, “We chose the Hawaiian theme for the dance to create a more casual atmosphere as opposed to the Homecoming dance earlier this year, which was more formal. We wanted the Spring Fling to be more fun and relaxed so that students who went to the Homecoming are able to come to this dance and experience something different yet still fulfilling.” 

Students have different feelings regarding this year’s theme. Junior Narene Simuel believes that it is “a bit cliche but I doubt anyone’s sticking to it.” On the other hand, senior Victoria Velasquez believes that “tropical island or anything summer or spring is good because we’re already entering that season.” Apart from these conflicting opinions, students at Leonia High School are excited about attending the dance.

Organizing important events for students, such as the dance, is not an easy task for the Student Council to take on.  These events require food, water, entertainment, good music, and more as the majority of students will be attending. Student Council president, Sidney Nam, reports, “We got the food and drinks from donations from students in exchange for senior points as well as our purchases.” Additionally, every dance needs a DJ to blast songs in order for students to have a fun time. Mr. Muller, a P.E. teacher, states, “In college, the DJ (Ridd- Farid) and I started an entertainment company (Baseline Productions) together in our sophomore year of college at Montclair State University. He started DJing events at MSU and progressed in DJing events, such as corporate events, Sweet Sixteens, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, and everything in between.” All the students are expecting good music playing that everyone can dance to.

All students at Leonia High School are excited for the upcoming Spring Fling, especially the seniors. It will be a great opportunity for everyone to spend time together and enjoy a fun dance before the Spring Break. Also, it is important to give credit and support the Student Council for their hard work and dedication while organizing the Spring Fling. It is expected that everyone will have a great time and make loads of positive memories.


Edited by: Katerina Romanides