The 2024 Oscars: Red Carpet Review

The 2024 Oscar red carpet, adorned with glitz and glamor, served as the acclaimed stage where Hollywood’s elite gathered to celebrate excellence in film. As the world’s most prestigious film awards ceremony, the Oscars not only recognize outstanding cinematic achievements but also set the tone for fashion trends and cultural conversations. Against the backdrop of anticipation and excitement, the red carpet became a showcase of stylish elegance, with celebrities dazzling in designer creations and making bold fashion statements. From timeless classics to avant-garde ensembles, the red carpet of the 2024 Oscars was a captivating spectacle, reflecting the intersection of art, entertainment, and style on a global scale.

Nour Karkus, a senior at Leonia High School, gives her opinion on who’s her favorite best-dressed celebrity. She says, “I think the best-dressed was Anya Taylor because the dress suits her body really well, and also her jewelry and hair completed the whole look. I also loved how it was inspired by the Dior gown from 1949.” Nour’s insight and knowledge of designers and their work make her a perfect candidate to comment on celebrity outfits. She also comments on her choice for the worst-dressed celebrity, explaining, “Definitely Zendaya because she always creates a look everyone adores. It’s always different from others, but this time it was very boring and simple.” Zendaya has always shown up and shown out with her outfits for all different events, although her outfit this year was simpler than previous events, disappointing many of her fans.

Helen Pineda and Adam Arriola, two juniors at Leonia High School, both agree with each other, yet also disagree with Nour Karkus’ statement of Anya Taylor being the best-dressed at the Oscars. Helen states, “I really like Ariana Grande’s outfit; I think her outfit brought out her face a lot, and the color looked beautiful on her. It looked like a classic piece.” Ariana Grande’s simple yet classic look definitely puts her up there as one of the best-dressed at the Oscars, not only that but shows her great stylistic choices.

Adam Arriola, a junior at Leonia High School, comments on celebrities’ outfits as a whole. He says, “I would say an 8.5/10 for the outfits because they were all well chosen for the people, and they fit the vibe of their look, though some of their looks were lacking and not giving the Oscar.” Taking into consideration Adam’s rating for the 2024 Oscars red carpet, it’s definitely worth watching or rewatching.

Beyond the shimmering surface, the red carpet of the 2024 Oscars was more than just a fashion parade. It was a celebration of diversity, inclusion, and progress. The industry’s ongoing efforts to embrace voices from all backgrounds were evident in the array of talents honored and represented. Through their presence and achievements, the stars illuminated the path forward, advocating for a more inclusive future.

Emma Vasquez