Boeing Blunders

Boeing, an airplane manufacturer,  has been in the news a lot recently ever since January 5th due to yet another severe construction issue in their Boeing 737 Max aircraft. Bad design and construction resulted in a door and entire panel of this plane suddenly falling off in the middle of Alaska Airlines Flight 1282. This did not result in any deaths but resulted in passengers requiring medical attention. However, this incident had the potential to be more serious if the plane managed to have reached cruising altitude beforehand.

Boeing has admitted fault for this incident and claimed that it would be looking into the issue in order to fix it. Since January 5th numerous loose bolts have been found throughout not only this plane but others as well. This showcases Boeing’s rush to attempt to secure airline market domination. They manufacture planes and call them new rather than designing something functional and of quality. 

Since this incident the Federal Aviation Authority has begun an investigation into the quality of Boeing’s aircrafts and are  sending teams to inspect things.

Edited by: Katerina Romanides 



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