Uber Safety

Ubers are a safer solution then using public transportation. The idea is to have a safe trip that is being tracked through your device. However there have been many unsettling incidents. Yet the passenger is not the only one who could potentially be in danger, drivers letting in strangers into their vehicle is also dangerous. Precautions must be taken to find a safer solution or at least minimize the risks.

Uber safety has always been a concern but after the most recent incident, it is now a priority to make it safe. Samantha Josephson was a 21 year old college student. After going out to a bar with friends she decided to take an uber home. She ordered an uber at 2am when a vehicle arrived she entered. Then she went missing and later the next day her friends grew worried and later reported it. That day hunters found Samantha’s body in the woods 90 miles away from the bar. It was later confirmed she had gotten into the wrong car.

After Samantha Josephson’s death many started to question the safety of these companies. A pattison was started to help encourage asking “what’s my name?” before entering. Passenger’s should also check the license plate and if the picture matched the driver. Samantha Josephson’s college, University of South Carolina tweeted suggesting passengers should download RAVE, a app allowing people and guardians to track the ride.

Yet the passenger isn’t the only person at risk. Drivers must also take proccasions to make sure they have the right passenger. Drivers should be encouraged to ask “what’s my name?” as well. If other driver and passenger confirm who the other is then that would ensure both their safety.