Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month, celebrated in March, honors the contributions and achievements of women throughout history. During this time, students from Leonia High School are encouraged to reflect on the impact of women in society, discuss their experiences, and share their thoughts on the progress made and the challenges that still persist when it comes to achieving gender equality. By engaging students in conversations about women’s history, LHS has the opportunity to foster awareness, empathy, and understanding of the ongoing struggles that women must face in their day to day lives.

Did you know that it wouldn’t be until the passage of Title IX of the Education Act in 1972 that women were allowed equal opportunity in education and in sports? Women in sports throughout history have left a profound legacy that continues to inspire young athletes today. Their achievements remind the new generation of athletes that greatness is within reach, regardless of certain obstacles or societal expectations. At Leonia High School, there are many student-athletes who find inspiration from these female figures, particularly during Women’s History month. When speaking to Leyla Mertoglu, a freshman varsity tennis player, about who she finds to be an inspiring female figure in history, she stated, “One woman I find particularly inspiring is Babe Didrikson. As an athlete, I believe that pushing for women in sports is really important. In a time where women were not given many opportunities to succeed, Babe fought against the odds and won several gold medals. I admire her perseverance.”

During Women’s History Month, students have many opportunities to engage in various activities in school to learn about and celebrate the contributions of women throughout history. At Leonia High School there are several clubs where students can actively volunteer to promote a more equal and inclusive community for women. One club that advocates for inclusivity as well as highlights women’s matters, is Girl Up. This organization helps students access their inner power to advance the skills, rights, and opportunities of girls everywhere. When asked what one can do as a student to uplift other women and raise awareness about this month, Sophie Dahiya, a junior and member of Girl Up, shared her perspective. She noted, “As a student, you can uplift other women by organizing events focused on women’s issues, raising awareness on certain topics through social media platforms, and joining clubs or organizations that promote helping women’s causes.”

Women’s History Month serves as a crucial reminder of the incredibly valuable contributions women have made throughout history. By highlighting their achievements, struggles, and triumphs, it fosters a deeper understanding of gender equality and the ongoing fight for women’s rights. For students, it provides an opportunity to learn about diverse perspectives, inspiring role models, and the significance of gender inclusion. Discussions about Women’s History Month encourage students to challenge gender stereotypes and advocate for gender equality.