What’s Cooking, America?


America incorporates a mixture of different cultures and religions into her cuisine and many states have a dish that is significant to its background. Just like Paris is associated with snails, croissants, and baguettes, American states have defining foods. It is due to the large amount of diversity that America has that different states have the ability to have its own significant plates. That is why America is considered a melting pot, a mixture of many different cultures and religions that work together to create original meals all around the country.

Let’s start in New England, with its clam chowder. This cream based soup with clams, potatoes, and onions was originally served on Fridays to abstain from meat in the Catholic religion, and rose to prominence as a result of the huge influx of Catholics during the Irish Potato famine.





food3Moving on to Pennsylvania where one of America’s most recognized meals is created: the Philly Cheesesteak. This regional fast food made out of sliced bread, chopped up steak, and melted cheese has its roots in Philadelphia. Now, this sandwich can be found in many restaurants around the state and country.






Next is Louisiana where the popular dish of gumbo was created. This dish gets its name from the West African name for its its two main ingredients: okra and file. Incorporating many different cultures, including Creole, French, West African, and Spanish, this is the national dish embodies the melting pot that is Louisiana.




America’s top grilling city, St. Louis, Missouri marinates meat in various sauces; the people in this state consume the most BBQ sauce in the nation, according to the Food Network.

Chicago-Style deep dish pizza is the trademark for Illinois. It is three inches high and no one is aware of its original creator.






What it is so great about America, is that there is an opportunity to always try something new in the majority of the states due to the diversity that this country has. It is truly under appreciated and should be taken advantage of!