Isis fighters, pictured on a militant website verified by AP.Isis, an Islamic military group, originally started as part of the infamous terrorist group Al-Qaeda. Isis is striking fear into everyone in the world with their brutal and powerful controlling powers over their territory in Syria and Iraq. The terrorists have taken  control of very large cities in both Iraq and Syria, including Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, and Raqqa, located in Eastern Syria. Through Raqqa, Isis has gained access to about half of Syria’s oil Isis has more than enough funding because of their control of the oil, giving them an estimated 3 million dollars a day on the black market from selling it.

Although Isis is conquering Syria and Iraq, other countries are beginning to intervene. The first attacks against Isis were airstrikes sent by the UK to bomb Isis locations. The attacks from the UK came about four days after the British parliament voted to involve themselves in the crisis. The U.S sent airstrikes overnight to attack Isis controlled zones. Turkey is also debating whether or not to send their military forces to fight against Isis. The Turkish parliament has been discussing what to do about the current crisis. Turkey stated that they would support the U.S is they lead an attack against Isis.



* edited by Andrea Neu