Salon Colors or Boxed Colors?

In today’s society, people have the luxury of choosing the hair color they desire. Many people want an expert’s advice on which color suits them best. Therefore, they go to salons. However, some choose the boxed method of hair dye, which allows people to play around with colors and choose how they want to dye their hair. Either process provides a cosmetic change. Nevertheless, the two options present major differences. In the case of dyeing hair, it is important to know the key characteristics between salon colors and boxed colors.

There are various reasons to color hair at a salon rather than dyeing hair at home. One major aspect is the mess the dye makes. In a salon, the stylist cleans the residue as a customer leaves satisfied from a peaceful hour of pampering. In addition, other aspects that must be taken into consideration are the skills of the stylist and their experience. Mrs. Lavorerio, a biology teacher at Leonia High School, states, “The salon did a great job dying my hair. They used techniques that I never used before with boxed hair dye.” Many people prefer to go to stylists for a change in color to receive their professional advice on what hair color suits them best. Unlike boxed hair colors, salon hair-coloring products are blended into numerous combinations in several methods in order to create the color the customer desires. Due to this advantage that stylists have, a person purchasing boxed dye from a drugstore or beauty store will not be able to execute coloring procedures with the same positive results. For example, experts are able to mix dyes according to what color suits the customer best and create corresponding highlights that look natural.

In drugstores nationwide, there are aisles of various boxed hair dye products at affordable prices. Rather than paying extravagantly at a salon, hair dye consumers are given the option of dyeing their own hair. Anne Shalamoff has tried dyeing her hair at a salon and at home. In her personal experience, dying her hair at home resulted in saving her money and allowing her to be in the comfort of her home. Shalamoff explains, “When I am at home, I use a very healthy vegan dye with no harmful chemicals, wear a shower cap, and keep it on overnight. This causes more vibrant results that last longer.” A number of people feel that they could complete the hair dyeing process at home and that there is no need for a salon because they are willing to experiment at home.

The main difference between booking an appointment with the salon and using boxed dye is that a customer might benefit from a stylist’s expertise. Beauty expert, Paula Begoun, states, “There are five major situations where a salon is preferred over dyeing hair yourself: you want to lighten your hair more than three shades, you have dark hair and want to dye your hair red, you have natural brown hair or blonde hair and want to dye it red, you’re trying to fix a problem, and you have light hair and want to make it darker.” Although there is a plethora of circumstances where a stylist’s expertise is recommended, the five main conditions Paula Begoun explains are what hair dye consumers should focus on.  These circumstances are dramatic cosmetic changes and need a stylist’s professional experience. Therefore, it is best to go to a salon for the first hair dye experience or anything that needs professional skill.

Choosing a specific hair color depends on the consumer’s hair type and what he or she is looking for. Ultimately, the hair dying technique depends on the consumer and the benefits they want when they change their hair color.