Homecoming, a Leonia Tradition

homecoming1Homecoming is a school tradition that allows the student body of any school to celebrate their school as a group. In the town of Leonia the homecoming dance is held in the cafeteria and is an occasion filled with dancing and fun. Throughout the event there is music and a ceremony to present the homecoming king and queen. Afterwards the kids go back to dancing the rest of the night. I interviewed two seniors and a freshman to gain knowledge on what the students really think of the concept of homecoming and the dance held at school.

Jennifer Alva a senior at the high school said she loves homecoming and is very excited for it, as it is her last year at the school. She enjoys the music and the teachers dancing and watching everyone have a good time. She likes seeing a different side to everyone says Jennifer. Although very eager for the dance this year, Jennifer thinks the high school lacks schools spirit and that the school should have new school events to allow the kids to bond more. In her opinion the school should have a pep rally the day of homecoming to celebrate each sports team and excite the students.

Freshman Molly Lawrence says she has heard very exciting things about homecoming and is very anxious to be attending this year. She says she enjoys pampering herself and dressing up for formal events and cannot wait to make her own memories with her friends at this year’s homecoming. One of Molly’s favorite parts of the town of Leonia and it’s high school is that it is small making everyone familiar with each other. She loves the friendliness and friendship between everyone in town and school.

Ryan Castro a senior at the high school is another student anticipating the night of homecoming. homecoming 2He says he cannot wait to have one last “hoorah” before him and his friends graduate and say their final goodbyes. He disagrees with having a homecoming king and queen of the night and says it is nothing more than a popularity contest. Besides that event, he enjoys the night and will be attending this year, and has high hopes that it will have a nice turn out, thinking back on last year and the small amount of people that attended.

Homecoming at LHS is exciting and an overall fun night. The students freshmen to seniors are anticipating the event to occur. They say it gives them a chance to gather with all their friends, and dance while dressing up. Although the lack of school spirit plays a big part on whether the students show up, the seniors are confident that homecoming this year will be different than the rest.