Get J.I.I.P.ED

During Junior Year students are able to begin doing an individualized independent program, which takes place during one period of the day. In the independent program, students are able to pick the teacher they want to work with a choose a topic of interest. Most of the students during Junior Year will be teacher’s assistants. Participating in the J.I.I.P offers five easy credits, provided you dot he work and are actually helpful as a TA. Being in a J.I.I.P as a teacher’s assistant helps students make a decision about whether they would like to be a teacher or not. This program allows for an opportunity to set your own positive and practical goals. It forces students to become self-sufficient and provides students with an experience to connect their current lives with becoming an adult.

We interviewed three different students participating in the J.I.I.P. program. One student is completing a language course with Rosetta Stone, and the other two are are teacher’s aides for Double English II and Chemistry Honors. One student wanted to “expand their knowledge.” Another student wanted to “help out other students in the class and improve their chemistry skills.

While J.I.I.P.s are not for everyone, self-motivated students are encouraged to participate in one. Find something that interests you and pursue it – it’s the best way to learn.