Best Dressed: Homecoming Edition


Everyone who goes to homecoming knows that one of the most exciting activities of the night is seeing the plethora of dresses and other ensembles worn by the attendees. The unique components of each outfit serve as a person’s favorite style and allow them to express their personality during the only dance for all grades to share of the school year. Some attendants may have played their attire for weeks, while others may have made a last minute decision to show a few hours beforehand. Even so, there were several dresses that caught my eye.

One of my favorites was modeled by Mary Cristiano. Her pale pink lace dress was connected by a collar with a classy open back. It highly complimented her features and was accompanied by a braided updo. Another fantastic dress worn by Elle Morse someone short but had long sleeves. The tight dress was made up of black and cream lace. This pattern was a common theme but was expressed in a more flowing dress with a tight waist, along with black heeled boots on Jeanine Srsich. I went with her and decided to wear an off-the-shoulder, vintage, purple dress with an embellished sweetheart neckline. Clarissa Van Sickell had a fitted dress that was off-white, shimmery, and sleeveless with a sheer cutout on the neckline. Sheet cutouts were common at homecoming; one such incorporation of sheer can be seen in Ana Luiza’s fitting blue lace dress. The open back was made up of sheer and increased the popping effect of the blue. Lastly, Leah Higgins wore a purplish-pink sleeveless dress with a single slit and a deep sweetheart neckline. The notable cuts on the dress made it stand out to me and the dress in general suited her exceptionally well.

All in all, everyone looked gorgeous at homecoming and had a memorable night and I, for one, am looking forward to next year’s.