Leonia’s Environmental Club

The Environmental Club is hard at work trying to beautify the Leonia community and Overpeck County Park. ¬†Environmental Club Secretary, Adam Chung, stated, “We’re trying to set up a lot more clean ups since it’s starting to get warmer. We do the clean-ups in order to make the town and area we live in a better, cleaner place to live.” Member William Jeong said, “We have a clean up at Highwood Hills this Saturday, I’m definitely going.” Clean ups usually begin at around 9:30-10am and end at about 1-2:30pm. Community service hours are given to the members at the end of each clean up.

At clean ups the Environmental Club and it’s members pick up litter and provide community service. Meetings are usually held to plan clean ups and discuss plans for the near future. The Environmental Club provides an opportunity for students to get involved with environmental issues and concerns. Members take part in activities such as tree planting, clean-up days, recycling, composting, and other activities featuring environmental themes. Meetings are as announced and held after school in Mrs. Slater’s room. There is a President (Anna Maria Voitko), Vice President (Andy Lee), Treasurer (Katharine Cho) and Secretary (Adam Chung). The advisors are Mrs.Slater and Mrs.Binetti.