Top Five Good and Bad Developments in the LGBTQ Community in 2017

Germany Legalizing Gay Marriage:

A huge step in a positive direction for the community, Germany legalized gay marriage on June 30th of this year. A happy surprise to Germany’s citizens, this news came as a delightful innovation for their country and for the world. Angela Merkel, Germany’s Chancellor, emerged as the stimulant for the law, as she encouraged lawmakers to vote on its passage. A shocking diversion from her party’s viewpoints, support from the Social Democratic Party allowed for the legislation to pass. Though Merkel herself did not vote for it, a majority of the votes allowed for gay marriage in Germany to be legal.



Australia Legalizing Gay Marriage:

In addition to Germany, Australia joined the bandwagon of acceptance after legalizing gay marriage on November 15th of 2017. 

Considered a long time coming, Australian citizens, although ecstatic, are frustrated with the time it took to pass this necessity. Blaming its reluctance to be passed on the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and current lawmakers, the Australian people comment on belated legalization of gay marriage. Despite its delayed passage, legalizing gay marriage in Australia was a monumental advancement in the LGBTQ community this year.

                                                                                                                              Pride Parade in Sao Paulo, Brazil:

A enormous development in the LGBTQ community took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where the largest pride parade took place. Millions advocates dressed in rainbow walked the streets of Sao Paulo, celebrating the progress and beauty of the LGBTQ community. Overall, this event depicts the growing support and positive developments for the LGBTQ community, leaving positive hope for the future.




Religious Liberty Accommodations Act:

The Religious Liberty Accommodations Act began in the United States of America in October. Permitting “religious freedom”, this act allows the LGBTQ community to be discriminated against with the purpose of “protecting religious freedom”. People have the right to deny service to individuals for multiple biases.








Transgender Military Ban:

In the US, 2017 brought numerous negative developments for the LGBTQ community, including the transgender military band. Although this is not how legislation is actually passed, through a multitude of tweets, the U.S. President declared a ban on transgender individuals in the United States Military. Though many federal judges have already blocked the legislation, Trump’s stance on this issue is clear.