Catching Fire Review

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire movie was released on November 22, 2013 in theatres, topping a $161.1 million dollar success on its opening week, with a current $336.6 million dollar box office total.

The movie, adapted by Suzanne Collins’ science-fiction novel, Catching Fire, is experiencing more success than its predecessor, The Hunger Games. The director of The Hunger Games turned down the offer to direct Catching Fire because of “artistic restriction,” and Lionsgate replaced the Hunger Games director with Gary Ross who has been receiving accolades from many film critics.

Just like the book, Catching Fire, the film interpretation accurately introduces the new tributes, including Finnick Odair played by Sam Claflin, Johanna Mason played by Jean Malone, Beetee who is played by Jeffery Wright, and many others. Each tribute adds character to the story line with their personalities. Finnick Odair represents the power of the rebellion against the Capitol, Johanna Mason represents the anger of the districts under the suppression of the Capitol, and Beetee represents the intelligence of the rebellion with his thorough knowledge of physics.

The film is a major improvement from its sequel, The Hunger Games. A major plus for The Hunger Games fans is the option of watching the film in IMAX. What is better than the ordinary movie? Watching it bigger and brighter. More people prefer to watch IMAX theatre films because of the total immersion sensation the viewer feels, eliminating any distractions that may occur during the movie.

Another improvement from the predecessor was for the fans who read the series. The movie was praised for its accuracy in relation to the book. Screen player Simon Beaufoy has done a wonderful job by accurately depicting the nature of the allegiances of the tributes while not being tempted to add a cliché love triangle using Finnick Odair, which is never seen in any of the original books, except for Katniss’ who must choose between Gale or Peeta.

A major facet that attracts viewers is the sex appeal of the movie. Almost all of the fans are interested in whether Katniss should choose her hometown lover Gale or I-almost-died-with-you Peeta. Another addition to the movie’s sexual magnetism is Sam Claflin, who is noted for his “manly-figure” and “baby-faced charm.”

The only negative about the film interpretation of Catching Fire is the overemphasis of the love-triangle seen in the book. The trilogy is about governmental suppression and the uprising in an unjust society, not about whom the main character picks to be her soul mate. Although Catching Fire may be a highly acclaimed film, nominated for one of the best movies of 2013, the director and screen players of the film must be wary of focusing on the true theme of the novel, instead of the love triangle.

All in all, Catching Fire is a well-directed movie with talented actors who thoroughly understand the characters. Its success is well-deserved.