Dangers of Milk

Food nutritionists and scientists are discovering the true nature of milk. The product, known for its nutritious and health-benefiting qualities has been falsely advertised. Recent research suggests that, milk is detrimental to one’s health, causing several different types of problems.

Vivian Goldshidmt, a researcher who debunked this myth of milk, said “like all animal protein, milk acidifies the body pH which in turn triggers a biological correction.” She says calcium, which is an acid-neutralizer stored mostly in bones, is released to neutralize the acidity from the milk. The human body naturally tries to save the most important part of its body: the organs- from the acidity. As a result, human bodies sacrifice the bones and make them release calcium. Ironically, milk, which is supposed to help produce calcium in human bones, actually removes the calcium from the bones. Therefore, the chance of bone fracture with drinking milk is actually higher than the chance of bone fracture without drinking milk.

Most of the problems related to milk are related to the hormone injections, pasteurization and homogenization in the milk. Milk, unnaturally processed, is possibly linked with cancer and other diseases. Milk companies inject rBGH (bovine growth hormone) into their cows to fasten and increase the milk production. Cows injected with rBGH hormones, produce milk which increases the production of IGF-1 in those who drink it; and high levels of IGF-1 can cause cancer. (Vivian Goldshmidt, “Debunking The Milk Myth”)

Emily Kaufman, a senior at Leonia High School, believes the public is not as interested in the milk myth as they should be. “Everything is genetically modified nowadays. Vegetables, meat, the large majority of food we consume is a genetically modified organism … but people don’t really seem to care enough to do that collectively and really stop genetically modified organisms, and big corporate companies are profiting, so we’ll probably never see that change,” said Kaufman.

As Kaufman stated, most people are still unaware of the dangerous effects of milk. Milk essentially triggers a system in body which tries to neutralize the acidic protein. Over a period of time, milk, known for strengthening the bones, will slowly destroy them.


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