Are You Ready For The School Year?

Getting back into the school vibes can be pretty tough, but there are tons of things that you can do to prepare yourself until you get used to the new daily grind. These tips have been deemed “very useful” no matter what grade you’re in.

bts1aYou should get at least eight hours of sleep each night, so the next day you’ll be alert and ready for the next school day. There is also the problem of getting back to a sleeping schedule; going to bed at the same time every night and waking up at the same time every morning will create a foolproof internal clock.

Get all of your school supplies if you haven’t already, and try to be prepared to help avoid any uneasiness or back-to-school jitters.

Read your summer reading book or finish it! It’s very important to keep up your reading while in school and to have your work done from the summer. The summer reading book you chose was required, and it will help your grades if you choose to read it in time!

Be on time to school and to your classes. Being late to school will cause detentions, and/or other disciplinary measures. Be on time to your classes; having detentions because you just decided to stay out in the hallways and mingle will result in a warning or possible detentions.

Get an agenda and stay organized! By using an age
nda, you can keep track of when all of your homework is due and for which teacher. Also, you’ll be up to date on upcoming quizzes and tests. Stay organized with your binders, backpack, lockers, and folders. Being disorganized will most likely cause you to lose a lot of your work, which will frustrate both yourself and your teachers. Also, keep everything where it is supposed to be; don’t put Math work in your English binder.bts2

Stay healthy! Being absent an excessive amount of days can result in losing credit in your classes. Coming to school sick will most likely spread whatever you have to more and more students. Eat healthy and make sure you get three meals during the day. For breakfast, make sure you have at least a small meal so you have something in your stomach that will keep you from starving until you can eat again during lunch.


It’s time to get it together and start the year right.