Back To School: Food Guide

As the school year starts up again, the all important question is raised: What’s for lunch? Here is a quick guide to the best lunches delivered to our doors (hint: always have it delivered to the Ray Avenue – it’s closer to the cafeteria).


bts3Grubbs Takeaway:

This relatively new lunch spot has been a success with Leonia students. Even though it is on the more expensive side for Lunch, students can not stay away.


Staple meal: Burger and Fries


Tardiness: Often late (around 12:45)

Walking Distance?: Yes

Delivery Fee: No fee!

Minimum payment: $12




Fun Lum:
On the corner of Hillside and Broad, Fum Lum is the staple place to get Chinese food in Leonia. Fun Lum is the best place to get inexpensive Chinese food during lunch, after it middle school students hang out.

Staple meal: Sesame chicken, dumplings


Tardiness: Always on time (12:25)

Walking Distance?: Yes

Delivery Fee: No fee!

Minimum payment: No Fee for cash! $10 for credit





Just a couple blocks into Englewood a small pizzeria stands. Sonny’s pizza is very popular in the surrounding towns but most popular at lunch time. The high school students and faculty love this pizza place. It is the go-to spot for an easy lunch and a great place to find dinner before a volleyball game.

Staple meal: Lunch Special (2 slices & drink $5.50)

Price: $$

Tardiness: On time (12:25)

Walking Distance: Yes

Delivery Fee: No

Minimum payment: No ($10 credit)





Gus’s Grill:
This Leonia High School classic is just steps into Englewood. This small shop is not very noticeable from the street view but its truly a hidden gem. You’ll notice the Steelers logo on the sign and know you’re close to deliciousness.

Staple meal: Crispy Chicken Sandwich


Tardiness: Always late (12:45)

Walking Distance: Yes

Delivery Fee: No

Minimum payment: More than $6






Across the street from Dunkin Donuts, 7/11 is the perfect spot to pick up a slurpee,bag of chips, or soft drink. While there are very few… healthy options, there is no shortage of greasy, salty, sugary goodness.

Staple meal: Slurpee


Walking Distance:Yes

Delivery Fee: No delivery





Dunkin Donuts
The last store within walking distance Dunkin Donuts is a popular spot to raise your energy with their coffee and sugary donuts. Although not the most popular, is Dunkin Donuts surpasses any coffee shop around.

Staple meal: Iced Coffee


Walking Distance:Yes

Delivery Fee: No delivery