Robotics Club

It was not until recently that the Robotics Club at Leonia High School had such a success as an extra-curriculum program. The Robotics was disbanded in June of 2010 when the previous club supervisor left. And, the club was not restarted in the school year of 2010-2011 due to lack of members. Previous Robotics President Ben Johannson and current President Jeff Eom revived the club with help from Mrs. Crincoli. Ever since 2012, Robotics has been a huge success in the school. Many promising underclassmen joined the club. There are now more than 15 people in Ms. Crincoli’s room working on robots every Wednesdays.

Technology is now used more than ever before. People use technology to do work, enjoy leisure, or even assist in physically demanding activities. One of the major aspects of technology is robots. These computer-programmed machines are able to be designed to perform tasks of great variety. Robots in factories produce cars, jeans, or even sodas. They can calculate costs at a super market or regulate traffic through timing stoplights. Robots play a huge part of today’s world.

Leonia High School is one of the many schools throughout the nation that hosts robotics. As a result, many bright, innovative students benefit from this. The Robotics club consists of 15 members, all of whom are very dedicated and passionate. These students possess great interests in the field of technology. The Robotics club builds lego-robots, which can be programmed by a computer to perform tasks such as moving, smashing, or even lifting. The ability to program these building blocks to do manual labor takes the activity to a whole new level, more than just “legos.” Jose Vargas, a senior and co-President of Robotics, said, “Well, it is a pretty cool club. It opens people up to a new form of creativity and allows them to think and create their own robotic masterpieces. Also, it is a fun way to apply physics.” Another robotics representative, Ellen Choi, a sophomore, who’s also the vice-President of Robotics, proudly stated, “I am very glad to join this club because it has a lot of opportunity to learn more about robots. At first, I assumed robots were for just construction. But, I realized that they can do other tasks as well. After I joined Robotics, I learned so much more. I even learned to make a robot move using robo-code.”

Robotics at Leonia High School looks to have a great future with more than 75% of its members as sophomores or freshmen. The Robotics club meets every Wednesdays at Ms. Crincoli’s room.