latina in leonia

The purpose of the Latin club is for students to experience learning the Latin language outside of the classroom. Members of the club use their knowledge to share ideas with each other and discuss what they learn over the years. The club arranges many bake sales and raises money through bake sales.

Min Lee, the treasurer of the Latin club, is responsible for handling the funds raised from bake sales. His job as a secretary is to assist Dr. Massey with the profits made from the bake sales, “I count the money and let Dr. Massey know how much money we made and how much we made at the previous bake sale which lets us see how much we made,” he adds. He compares the difference of the amount of money raised over time in order to plan trips to different places. “We have had several successful bake sales this year. We also had good staffing at the High School Open House earlier in the year.had several successful bake sales this year. We also had good staffing at the High School Open House earlier in the year,” Dr. Massey explained about the club’s bake sales.

Latin club hosts meetings every other week due to the small count of members. “We meet up and talk about events that are going to come up for our club and we discuss what we’re going to do,” Min Lee explains. Patrick Bussanich is the Latin club President. “The club is excellent and the members are all very nice to each other. They work well together and everybody is friendly when the group has discussions,” he described. He helps Dr. Massey with the group meetings and the event plannings. He hopes on celebrating the Ides of March with the group, “We plan on having a meeting with snacks to celebrate the Ides of March,” he told.  Although there are only a few meetings, every member attends to discuss with the group.

Dr. Massey, the teacher who coordinated the club said, “The Latin club brings Latin students and other interested people together to promote Latin study, learn more about ancient history, and share socially with each other.” He hopes to accomplish making his classroom have more of a Roman feeling to his students. “The Latin club is planning to make a Latin-themed mural outside room 101, as well as plan an end of the year pizza party for active members,” he stated.

The Latin club members enjoy their meetings and discussing what they learn in Dr. Massey’s class. Dr. Massey believes the club is an opportunity to spend more time with his students. He hopes to give his students a better experience in learning the language by the end of the year. Patrick Bussanich and Min Lee enjoy their roles in the club because they help the teacher run the club.