Leonia High School’s Yearbook

With the school year coming to an end within a few months, students can look forward to seeing this year’s many memories and signing kind messages for their friends to hold onto in this year’s yearbook. Until then, the high school’s yearbook club has worked hard and come a long way in organizing this year’s memorabilia with care, down to the last detail. As this club is comprised of some of Leonia’s students and teachers, who are eager to give this yearbook the old high school try, one can expect that the contents of this yearbook will appeal to everyone, students and staff members.

The club and class are run by the high school’s Ms. Millar, who claims, “We work on our pages through Jostens interface and develop ideas.  We edit pictures, write, copy and proofread.” By doing this to the highest extent, the club has managed to create a new yearbook with appealing designs.

“Our artistic design has been taken from modernist artists, such as Andy Warhol,” according to Ms. Millar. “The cover especially is a break from recent designs. The yearbook’s theme this year is pop art, which can be seen on title pages, page breaks, and in the color scheme of the yearbook.” The club directs a great amount of its focus to creativity and artistic appeal to best satisfy the readers.

Despite the usual focus on the senior class, this year’s yearbook club greatly appeals to students of all grades equally. “There’s a bit more emphasis on the entire school community this year, and we’ve spent more time focusing on organizations and different clubs. A large portion of the yearbook is dedicated to seniors. However, because the underclassmen are such a large part of the school community, we have also included more of their school year in 2013.”

With this in mind, the yearbook’s completion has been greatly anticipated. “We are finished,” Ms. Millar explains. “Our final deadline was March 28th, and now we are working on manuals for next year’s yearbook club.” As for when students can expect to see the new yearbook, Ms. Millar reveals, “I’m pretty sure they’re being printed now. We have a hundred and forty four colored pages, and we have been submitting them periodically throughout the year.”