The Peanuts Gang Gets an Upgrade!

peanuts 2
This year, everyone young and old is looking forward to the release of
The Peanuts Movie. This will be the first time the The Peanuts Gang goes to the big screen! The production team did a great job bringing the beloved comic strips to life. They kept the authenticity of the original comic’s while still adding a modern touch that kids who may not know what Peanuts is can relate to and still enjoy. The build-up to the release is exciting as we’re seeing more and more posters popping up everywhere. The production team also went the creative route by making an interactive website for both adults and kids. You can download posters and wallpapers, watch videos, read about the characters, (they finally put a face to the Little Red-Haired Girl!), and even create a Peanuts version of yourself!

When it comes to animated movies it’s usually the kids who are excited, but with this classic reinvented, it’s the adults who are anticipating it most. Adults of all ages will feel nostalgic for their childhood while watching this new time honored film. When we asked a few people if they were excited about the upcoming release, we got positive reviews across the peanuts 1board, “I’m excited because it’s like a renewal on my favorite childhood cartoon, and my kids will love it just as much as I did!” An elderly couple said, “We’re excited to see them on the big screen!”  We also asked who they were excited to see the most and the kids answers differ from the adults! One parent said, “I’m excited to see Snoopy and his sidekick Woodstock!” while most of the children are excited for “the puppy!”

With all this anticipation we can’t wait to hear the reviews after the movie is released. This fall The Peanuts Movie will bring the family together and start off the holiday season right.