Paris in Silence

Friday, November 13, will go down in the history books as one of the most tragic single days ever. Although France suffered severe, and despicable attacks, our prayers also go out to Baghdad, Lebanon, Japan, Mexico, and Kenya.

paris1All the attacks took place between 9:20 P.M., and 9:53 P.M.. At 9:20, the first explosion occurred outside the French stadium, only killing the suicide bomber and one civilian. At 9:25, attackers arrive in black vehicles and shoot into the restaurant, Le Petit Cambodge, killing fifteen. At 9:30, the second bomb goes off outside the stadium with no reported deaths. 9:32, attackers arrived in a black car and kill five people outside the bar at Rue de la Fontaine au Roi. At La Belle Équipe, terrorists open fire outside a restaurant killing 19 at 9:36. At 9:40, on Boulevard Voltaire, a suicide bomber detonates inside a restaurant, but no deaths are reported, only injuries. At 9:40, three ISIS members enter a rock concert, taking hostages. At 12:20 A.M., French elite forces raid the building, killing one terrorist and having the other two blow themselves up, totalling a death toll of 89. At 9:53, a third suicide bomber detonates outside the French stadium.

Deputy Mayor Patrick Klugman told CNN that the death toll is expected to rise drastically from the 129 confirmed right now. French President Hollande declared a state of emergency and immediately closed down France’s borders. President Barack Obama has declared this an attack on humanity, and has offered France any assistance they might need to carry out a successful investigation. Russian leader Vladimir Putin has also offered assistance. British Prime Minister has declared the threat level in England as critical, meaning a militant attack is bound. The Netherlands, bordering France, has increased border security. Israel Prime Minister offers their intelligence forces to France. The world has joined hands in response to the recent attacks.