The Growing Threat of North Korea


With the growing tension between North Korea and South Korea, and the frequent missile tests conducted by Kim Jung Un, America has taken action in an attempt to dissolve the situation. In 2017 alone, North Korea launched over 20 missile, each one reaching farther distances and becoming more advanced. North Korea claims they have successfully tested a hydrogen bomb- more destructive than an atomic bomb, that can be loaded on a long-range missile. The US is involved directly in this conflict, due to the thousands of troops stationed in South Korea and around the border, making them a target if North Korea strikes. The idea of North Korea obtaining these long-range missiles is a worldwide threat, which America will not ignore.

The issue of North Korea flying missiles around has been a continuous problem over the years, but with their newly advanced weaponry has reached a new level. America is withing reach of a strike now, leaving many Americans concerned about what the government may do, and the aftermath that follows.

Over the past summer, North Korea has grown increasingly provocative, threatening the US Pacific territory of Guam and Japan. America responded to the latest test by saying their patience is “not unlimited” and it was ready to respond with military action. If North Korea continues to threaten the world with the tests, the US will without a doubt intervene.