Popular Snapchat Filters in 2017

  • Snapchat is the 7th most used app in America in June 2017. Snapchat filters are mostly used to makes people either really beautiful or to make their face really weird. Snapchat is best known as the apps with the puppy filter or as Chatsnap for some people. In  2015 they came out with filters. Within two year their filters have been getting modified and making new filters.


The number one filter used this year is the puppy filter. The puppy filter was one of the first ones they made back in 2015. The puppy filter makes everyone’s face looks smooth and they look so adorable especially with the ears, they‘re so floppy. Everyone looks good with the puppy filter because it’s a cute cartoon puppy, who wouldn’t want to look like a cute cartoon puppy? In TeenVogue they talk about  New York Magazine thinks the filter isn’t just a regular puppy filter.  “It widens your eyes, thins your face, and smooths your skin, just like the pretty filters”.

The next two filters are kind of similar the heart crown and the Flower crown. They are similar in two ways, they are both crowns and make you look beautiful. The flower crown make you look amazing and makes your skin smooth, only downside is that it makes your face pale. In TeenVogue they explained why they made the flower crown and the problems about it. They quoted “During the first weekend of Coachella, the app debuted a flower crown lens in honor of the world-famous music festival. The problem? Snapchat users discovered that their skin, hair, and eyes were all lightened to produce a much paler result.” They even talk about making a side by side with snapchat’s editors and the skin lighting was really noticeable. Even though the filter makes your skin a little lighter it is one of the most used, especially in the sunlight it looks really bomb. The other crown has little pink hearts above your head makes your eyes light grey and the background a light pink it does the same.



Alysa Droz

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