Senior Polls Voting Goes Digital

Things are going to be a bit different for the class of 2017. The Yearbook staff has introduced a new method of voting for senior polls. Every senior is invited to join the “Senior Announcements” on Google Classroom. Once you click “join,” you gain access to the polls (created through Google Forms). Then, the data is tallied automatically, eliminating human error. We asked a few seniors their opinions on the new method of voting and here’s what they had to say:

vote-1Ari Zeigerman – “I had no difficulties with getting to the senior polls. I recommend other schools to use this way of getting students to vote because it’s easier, because your answers are confidential, and this method is prone to less errors. The poll that stands out the most to me is “Worst Case of Senioritis” because it is realistic and everyone wants to get out of here. I think the senior polls have good categories and we should use similar ones next year.”

Jacob Villalobos – “I voted for senior polls the day it came out because I didn’t want to leave it for the last minute. I think the whole voting process was fun, but I don’t have a favorite. I prefer internet polls because it was easier and a bit more private. If it was through paper the whole thing could have been rigged. My least favorite poll is “Most Dramatic” because it is very cliche to add to a year book.”

Maxine Walsh – “I would prefer to do this through the internet so I can take my time at home to think about who I want to put down. It was easy to do, I just signed on to google classroom … It was kind of a long process though. The best poll was “Most Contagious Laugh,” but the worst poll was “Biggest Phone Addict” because it is kinda dumb.”

Chantal Richez – “In my opinion we should have added “Best Friends” as a category on the senior poll. We should eliminate “Change the World” poll because it’s extremely cliche and if someone looks back on it and doesn’t change the world it defeats the whole purpose. The poll that stood out to me the most was “Most Likely to Become a Reality TV Star” because I think that is a really strange and hard category to win. We should keep doing senior polls this way because it was simple and more private.”

Rebecca Lan – “I think it’s easier to vote via internet because it’s easier to access. Think about it, anybody can lose a piece of paper. I think the “Most Likely to Change the World” stood out the most because it differs a little more than “Most Studious” or “Teachers Pet.” I think all the senior polls are good categories. I don’t think we should refrain from using any of these categories.”