This Year In Music

At Leonia High School, we have a wide variety of classes to choose from relating to music. There are two general choir classes to take, as well as one for the marching band. If you are on the shy side and performance is not your forte, you may take American Pop Music, Music Theory, or AP Music Theory to learn the deeper meaning behind the music, while challenging yourself at the same time. However, if indeed you are a performer, there is a wide range of after school activities to pick from to satisfy your need for the limelight.

For the singers out there, try men’s, women’s, or chamber choir. These are the select, audition-only choirs. They are very popular and go on to compete in our yearly music trip. For our 2017 trip, we will be heading to Boston, also bts2known as “Bean Town.” Also in attendance will be the concert band, wind ensemble, jazz band, and the general and chamber orchestras. Dedicated teachers Mr. Dunn, Mr. Penn, and Mr. Rosenberg lead us to victory each year, and will do so again this year.

Mr. Penn, our band conductor, says that although it is stressful, he is most excited for “concerts and AP exams” and is also “going to expect a lot of hard work, practice, and most importantly, dedication” from music students. Our diligent student officers are indispensable parts of this operation. Ashley Elion, Vice President of chamber choir, says she is ready to be an officer and is “most excited to go to Boston and observe all of the historical areas as well as win gold!” As a senior, this will be her last year. When asked what she will miss the most she replied, “I will miss seeing my choir friends everyday.” Her advice to new members and freshman is “as Mr. Dunn always says… always sing in tune!”

If you are interested in joining, find Mr. Dunn in room 2207. All rehearsals meet at 6:30PM and end at 8:00PM; Men’s Choir meets on Monday, Chamber Choir on Tuesday, and Women’s Choir on Wednesday.