Uber Everywhere

uber-4In recent years, transportation services have improved drastically. Uber, a company from San Francisco, CA, is at the top of this transportation movement. This company and some others have eliminated the high prices, waiting time, and overall hassle of short term transportation. The main difference between taxis and Uber is that Uber is constantly improving to match and exceed the advances in modern technology.

As many people already know, uber is completely digital and only uses gift cards and credit cards for payment. The buying process for Uber consists of connecting your card to the app and simply clicking “request Uber.” The payment is automatically linked to your account.

Unfortunately, this payment method excluded people who did not have access to a credit or debit card. Finally, these people can use Uber with the new
Uber gift cards. These gift cards are available for purchase at 35,000 retail locations including Walmart, Target, and CVS.

This new addition to Uber’s payment options will open the range of customers.
From teens to the elderly, everyone can now purchase an Uber ride, and these gift cards
are sure to make a huge impact this holiday season. With prices ranging $25-250 per card, these are a great gift for anyone you know, for any occasion. The Uber Gift Card presents a whole new purpose for gift cards. You no longer have to go to the store, or fear an expiration date.