Year of the Dragon

It’s already been a month into 2012. This year, according to the Chinese lunar calendar, is the year of the dragon. Also, it is not just an ordinary dragon year. 2012 is the year of black dragon. This special year comes every 60 years. Ironically (due to the color black and dragon image), this Chinese animal zodiac isn’t bad. It doesn’t represent evil or have any relations with it. Actually, this year represents very positive things to come.


People born in any year of dragon (2012, 2000, 1988, and so on) are very active and ambitious. Their determinations are very strong. A lot of these people are very straightforward in life. Most of them follow this saying, “If you want to finish something, you have to finish it yourself.”
The black dragon is a very special and honored animal. This special year only comes every 60 years. Due to its sacredness, many past emperors embroidered this animal picture onto their crowns and robes. It was believed that if you had a dream in which the black dragon appeared, you would most likely succeed in life. For emperors, it meant that famine and wars would be replaced by harvests and peace.


To conclude, 2012 is a special year in the Chinese lunar calendar. It is supposed to bring us peace and prosperity.