Scientific Boys and Literary Girls

In today’s society, people tend to stress the equality of men and women. But the reality is…not so much, and this is evident in school environments. Boys tend to take higher tier math and science courses than girls do, and girls tend to take higher tier English courses than boys do. The reason for the certain gender predilection can be attributed to the way each sex’s brain works.

The major dissimilarity between male and female brains is each gender’s specialization. An authority on feminism and freedom, Michael Levin states that “males have better spatial and math skills than female. On the other hand, girls tend to be more vocal than boys, are better at hearing higher frequencies, and do better than boys in reading and vocabulary tests.”1 This difference is due to separate brain developments of males and females. Teenage boys generally have a higher SAT Math score of 30 points than girls do for approximately 40 years.2 Men are generally more skilled in areas of math and science.

A study was done on brain development where men and women both listened to a novel. While only the left hemisphere of the brain reacted in men, both hemispheres in women reacted. A psychology professor at the Universityof Missouristates, “If there’s more area dedicated to a set of skills, it follows that the skills will be more refined.”3 Women are genuinely well adapted in the field of English and literature than men are because a large portion of their brain functions when dealing with English.

So now it’s lucid: men are scientific and women are literary. Men tend to take higher-level math and science courses, and women tend take higher-level English courses. It’s not like boys won’t take AP English and girls won’t take AP Physics. It’s simply more difficult for men to comprehend Thoreau’s thought onWalden Pondand for women to comprehend the concept of exchanging photons to produce electromagnetic forces. Each gender tends to lean towards its predilection.

So boys are boys and girls are girls.