Valentine’s Day 2k15

Say all you will about Valentine’s Day; that it was a holiday invented to sell cards, that couples truly in love don’t need one day to appreciate each other, etc. There’s some validity there. But I’m set on taking a modern, more optimistic spin on this February day.

vday1Valentine’s Day is becoming a time to celebrate love across the spectrum. It is not limited to two-week anniversary, holding-hands-in-the-halls type lovebirds. This is a day to appreciate your friends, family, and of course, yourself.


Option one: Go out with friends!

Get together with a bunch of friends. There are so many good options here. I’m talking potlucks, going out to a new restaurant you’ve had your eye on, or seeing an awful chick flick. With the right friends, Valentine’s Day will be a blast whether you are single or married for twenty years.


Option two: Treat yourself!

If you don’t want to go out, don’t force yourself to leave the house and socialize. Valentine’s Day is a day for you to have a good time. You can stay in, eat high-quality chocolate, and watch everything Netflix has to offer. Go for it! Treat yourself to whatever you consider a treat. Bubble baths or good books or plenty of sleep. This is the perfect time to take care of yourself.


Option three: Anti-Valentine’s Day Party!

If you have just come out of a particularly horrendous relationship and you’re feeling bitter about love in general, you should at least revel in your pessimism. With a group of friends, dress a la funeral. Wear as much lace and black velvet as you can. String up black streamers and a marathon Quentin Tarantino movies, starting with the Kill Bill series. You are allowed to feel angry, even towards a holiday rooted in love. Just remember that this feeling of contempt will end one day. Until then, go wild.


Valentine’s Day is about love, all kinds of love. This is not a holiday reserved for those in love, but rather one just to express love. Tell your parents you love them if you do. Give your dog three thousand kisses. Hug your friends until their ribs break and their lungs collapse. And most importantly, love yourself.