Student Life

Senior Prom Points

Seniors at Leonia High School have started collecting points for the 2024 senior prom.

Most of the seniors are currently working on either donating water bottles or collecting money to earn the desired amount of points. Each senior must collect a certain amount of points to be able to go to the senior prom for free, which this year is 60 points for the class of 2024, instead of paying a hefty price.

Prom is a very important event for seniors as it marks a significant time in their teenage lives. For the class of 2024, the venue for senior prom will take place at the Old Tappan Manor.

The senior prom is a very expensive event to attend. According to senior Aleidy Mejia Diaz, “Prom is $190, which is crazy in my opinion, [but] we have the whole year to collect enough points to go to prom for free.”

Prom is very expensive and many wonder as to why that is. Mrs. Antonucci, the senior class advisor, explained, “[the cost] covers the venue, the dinner, transportation, drinks, the DJ, entertainment, and photos. Every senior gets a photo for themselves and a photo with friends.” Mrs. Antonucci recommends that “you start [earning points] during your freshman year, participate in fundraisers your class has, and not wait until senior year to start collecting points.”

To dive deeper into the history of senior points, Mrs. Antonucci explained, “Senior points were established in 2001 and it’s a way of encouraging all students to fundraise and reduce their prom tickets. Prior to 2001, all fundraising was shared across the seniors in the Board of Education, so it wasn’t fair for those who did fundraising to pay the same amount as someone who didn’t.”

Mrs. Antonucci, and senior class president, Regan Lynch, enter points for all four grades in the classroom page. Seniors can get their prom tickets from a student council member in Mrs. Antonucci’s room.

As mentioned before, students are encouraged to start collecting points as early as possible starting freshman year. This year’s senior prom is going to be a very special and exciting event for the class of 2024 with a beautiful venue, great entertainment, and delicious food. We hope to see seniors arrive in their best attire and have a fun, memorable prom. It is important for all students to try their best to participate in fundraisers and events to collect their points.