Student Life

Rutgers Zimmerli Art Museum Trip

   On February 7th, the freshmen modern world history honors class went to explore the Rutgers Zimmerli Art Museum. Chaperoned by Ms. Kelty, Mrs. Wong, Ms. Jeter, Ms. Lundy, and the three teacher assistants, the students were able to examine Soviet Nonconformist Art and analyze the extent to which this type of art impacted both the past and present.

   Soviet Nonconformist Art challenged traditional art at the time and instead expressed individuality. The art of that period was often censored by the Soviet government, where art traditionally used propaganda to depict Russia as an international powerhouse. Artists who defied these issues persisted and changed the future of art forever, despite the limited opportunities they were given to display their work.

   Expression is a major part of art in the present and is a way for artists to convey ideas, feelings, and experiences in an individualistic way. 

   “This trip gave me a lot of insight into how the art of the past is still relevant to the present,” said Ashley K. Kim ’27, “The art had a lot of meaning beyond my interpretations, but the art was super aesthetically pleasing and the trip was fun.”

   “I enjoyed the trip because it broadened my experiences learning about the different perspectives of the Soviet Union and the United States,” said Caleb Aronburg ’27

   To end the day, the students were able to go to Panera to have lunch.

   Adrienne Kang ’27 said, “The line at Panera was so long but the food hit.”