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Superbowl Commercials

Each year, as the Super Bowl rolls around, there’s not just excitement for the game but also for the commercials. These ads have become a big deal, with millions of people tuning in just to watch them. 

Super Bowl ads aren’t just everyday average commercials, they are more  like mini-shows, designed to make you laugh, feel nice inside, or just amazed. They’re made by big companies who are willing to spend a lot of money to make sure you remember their brand.  Many ads utilize funny skits, touching stories, and even celebrity cameos; Super Bowl ads have something for everyone. They’re not just about selling stuff; they’re about making you smile and giving you something to talk about with your friends and family. One of the coolest things about these ads is that they bring people together. No matter where you’re from or what you’re into, chances are you’ll find something to enjoy in a Super Bowl commercial. Whether you’re watching with friends or chatting about the ads online, they’re a fun part of the whole Super Bowl experience. And sometimes, these ads even have a deeper message. They might talk about important issues or try to make a positive impact on the world. It’s not just about selling products; it’s about connecting with people and making a difference. 

When asked about their opinions on Superbowl commercials, freshman Grace Widensky responds, “I enjoy that super bowl commercials are a lot different and more enjoyable than regular commercials.” and Junior Lia Pascual adds, “ Super Bowl commercials do a better job at telling stories making you want to be more likely to buy the product.” 

 So, while watching the big game is interesting, let’s not forget about the ads. They’re more than just commercials, they’re a special part of Super Bowl Sunday that brings us all together for a fun and memorable time.